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We probably make more Dentures than any other office in the county. We have our own Denture Lab right in the office with 3 full time technicians there every day. That affords tremendous convenience to our patients and great on-site control to our Doctors. It saves you thousands also! Many other Dentists from around the county send their patients to us because of the convenience features.

Full Dentures:

A custom-molded dental appliance that fits on top of the gums.

Partial Dentures:

A custom-molded dental appliance that is supported by metal clasps or flexible acrylic around the teeth.

Dentures allow patients to maintain a normal appearance; however chewing power, by the very nature of a full or partial denture, is definitely compromised. Through the use of modern technology, often times, with just 2 implants we can improve the comfort and function of both Denture and Partial Dentures immensely!

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