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Complaining about gas prices is certainly commonplace today, but the oil companies are not the only ones gouging the American public.

I recently was in the market for some major dental work. I visited two dentists in Albuquerque and the estimates I received were both around $5,745.00.

My brother lives in San Diego, CA and saw an ad on a local station for High Quality, Low Cost Dental work. I had him make an appointment for me. The estimate they gave me was $2,010.00. I could not comprehend such a huge price difference. The work was as advertised and was completed in one week; half the time I was told it would take to get it done here.

Dr. Howard B. Feffer and Dr. Charles B. Refkin are true masters of their trade. The work was completed in their in-house laboratory by three gifted technicians. The support staff is equally impressive and made me feel like family from the onset.

I highly recommend that everyone shop for fair dental prices. It will be hard to beat this dental office.

Albuquerque, NM


Dr. Feffer and Dr. Refkin,

There are no words to convey to you the gratitude in my heart for the wonderful gift you have given Michael. I must admit when we first came to you and you explained your recommendation for Michael to have teeth that would fit and look like his own teeth that I was skeptical. However, the professional manner in which you worked together to place the implants in just the correct place and then made the teeth to fit has truly been amazing.

Dr. Refkin, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and professionalism in working until you got the teeth just right. You were never willing to settle for less than the very best in assuring that his teeth fit well and looked well.

He can smile again and not be embarrassed and afraid his teeth might come loose. He can eat anything he wishes. What a blessing!

My God bless you and continue to bless your work.

M. Lidster


Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Feffer, Pam and everyone in the office soooo much. I LOVE my new smile! I can't even believe I hesitated for one second. I have gotten more compliments since Thursday than I have in my whole life! I really appreciate everyone's patience, and especially Dr. Feffer for helping me out with everything else, too. I have the best Dentist's office in town!

Thanks again - you guys are the best!!!



I want to thank you for being so kind and caring to me. I've never met such nice people. I just love my implants. Thank you again and again



Dear Dr. Feffer,

Here is my story. Hopefully it will help others in my similar situation:

Like many others, I recently lost all my upper teeth and almost all my lower teeth. Time for dentures!! They looked good and appeared natural. But there were many shortcomings. They would often slip. I tried every available adhesive trying to make certain that they would stay in place. I felt so uncomfortable that I would turn down lunch dates with my co-workers and friends. My biggest fear was that my dentures would come out and land on my plate. It almost happened on several occasions. I would excuse myself in the middle of the meal and hurry to the restroom to try to reset them. This involved cleaning them and applying more adhesive. The unpleasant feel of the adhesive and the fact that the dentures covered my natural palate, caused me to lose my appetite. Great for weight loss, but not so good for my confidence.

Dr Feffer had talked to me previously about dental implants and over dentures. Because I had heard horror stories about the cost of implants and the extreme pain and discomfort associated with the procedure, I originally decided that they were not for me. But I was not happy with wearing dentures. Having been a patient of Dr Feffer for over 25 years, I decided to trust his advise and expertise. He felt that an over denture was the perfect solution to my complaints.

There was never any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. And they were not as expensive as I had thought. What a difference the over denture made! Food tasted good again. I felt comfortable eating with friends. Finally I was able to eat all the food I had been missing such as sandwiches, nuts, pizza, and even steak. Life was good again!

I am so satisfied with my new teeth that I strongly recommend over dentures to anyone. We all deserve a second chance with our teeth.

Thanks so much for everything.